Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

MY CREATION (6/14/10)

comfort food: rice noodle soup with shrimp,talapia,scallions,sesame oil,garlic,limes,serranos/jalapenos!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love stumbling upon new places! And that's exactly what happened when Teddy & I were driving east along Hollywood Bl last week. We initially were enroute to eat at Sizzler, but alas, we found out that the location was closed. As in CLOSED for good :( Such a shame,since as far as i know, they were the only Sizzler that had menudo on sundays. No lie!
As a result we were at a loss for where to eat at next. All of a sudden we pass by a shopping center & i see a neon sign that says "The Boiling Shrimp". "Stop Teddy,go back!!!" i yell at him (lol). He turns around & we head back in the direction of the sign. "How come i've never seen this joint before??" I thought out loud. So i tell him to pull into the lot & check it out. To say he was reluctant, is an understatement. I guess i'm more adventerous when it comes to trying new places on the spot. But i had a good feeling about this place. And the main reason was the name of the place alone (lol). I looooooooooooooooooove seafood!! Can't get enough of it :) And this spot was everthing i hoped for. In a nutshell, you can order pound upon pound of seafood such as shrimp, crab & mussels and pick a variety of sauces to have them marinated in. They range from garlic butter to super spicy. We decided to order 1lb of mussels in a spicy marinade, 1lb of shrimp in a garlic butter & fried calamari. When the waitress lay butcher paper on the table,put a roll of paper towels in front of us & plastic bibs around our necks... i was already beginning to salivate :) First out was fried calamari with seasoned fries,which was a perfect crisp. After that she brought to the table two steaming plastic bags to the table, one contained the mussels & the other shrimp. The mussels had a great spicy kick to them,which was more on a asian marinade side,than a cajun marinade...i liked it! The shrimp was chewy & very tasty,but my only complaint was that i hate working for my shrimp! In other words, i hate peeling shrimp when i'm hungry (lol). That part was frustrating. Thank god we had that roll of paper towels,because it got quite a good way :) Next time we will order garlic bread to sop up the leftover marinade in the bags (yum!). We asked the waitress how long they've been there & she said only 2 months. I told her that we would definitely be coming back there. Oh, and our bill only came to $33...not bad at all,considering all we ate!