Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Somedays at work when my stomach alarm clock goes off,i have no fricken idea what to eat! As
i mentioned before,i do eat lots of sushi,but even that get old. I must have driven around what seemed like hours,but was prolly only 30min trying to decide what did i feel like eating. The other problem is that street parking sucks around most of the city,so even if i want to eat at a spot...i gotta circle like a shark waiting for an opening! I've been circling around PITA! PITA! for months trying to get a spot out front. Well today was in the cards for me & i was sooo there :) The place is bright & the cooking staff very friendly. I noticed that they opened up a desert bar (second pic),which everything looked yummy (baklava is...the bomb in my book!). The other nice thing is that the kitchen is open & you can watch as they make you awesome lunch. This time i settled for a tried & true dish of chicken kabob,salad,hummus/pita & taboleah. They gave me soo much,i took it home to eat as a late nite snack tonite :)


I took Victoria out for her b-day & this was the place she wanted to have it at. I haven't been to Thai Patio in awhile,but my fondest recollection is after a nite of hanging with pals,I wanted to partake in some late nite thai cuisine. That's the cool thing about my part of town,tons & tons of thai restaurants that stay open really late (i'm talking,until 3am!). The last time i came here they had a guy dressed up like Elvis (well,thai Elvis!) singing karaoke Elvis songs...good time :)! This time was no different,except there wasn't an Elvis impersonator,but a young kid belting out 70's middle of the road tunes. He was good,but the songs kinda depressed me...lovey dovey stuff doesn't sit well with me right now (lol). Victoria & I ordered some Singha beer & i had a hot sake to chase it. Hot was more like volcanic! when i poured it in the shot cup,it burned the hell out of my hand...geez! Since i was still under the weather from having a bought with stomach flu (have no idea how i got it...and no,it's not the "dreaded" swine flu!),i opted for some seaweed/tofu soup (last pic). I told Victoria to order anything she wanted,but she played it safe & had a spicy Tom Khai (?) seafood soup. She couldn't handle the heat...ha!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Are you starting to see a theme here?
I LOOOOOOOOVE SUSHI! Between sushi & taco binges,i guess i'm a nutbar (lol) ;p I eat seafood (not just sushi),at least 4x a week,so at least i do eat's the booze i gotta watch. This is fresh salmon,albacore & a oyster shooter,from another cheap & tasty sushi joint i frequent.


Heard via the internet grapevine that DM was putting on a free concert in Hollywood for all their loyal fans (which i'm not really). Of coarse my friends (Yvonne & Mishi) & I pounced on this right away. The only problem was that we heard conflicting stories that you had to have a ticket. Regardless,we decided to wing it & see if we could get in. Instead of driving we took the subway,which always freaks me out going through tunnels (hello,possible earthquake?!). When we got off at Hollywood/Vine it was everybody in their mother out in force! I had heard that the concert didn't start until 730p,and we had gotten there around 3pm. I didn't want to stand in the hot sun,in line,waiting to get in...screw that! i persuaded my chums to go get something to eat with treat. Passed by Kabuki just in time for their happy hour :) I usually talk crap about this restaurant because i notice their service is like molasses & it usually is. But today it wasn't that busy,so i'll refrain from complaining. The happy hour special is grrrrrrrrrreat! Can't beat the drink prices & the happy hour sushi they have on the menu. To start off our lil adventure we had saki bomb shots....oooh,boy! On an empty stomach,it was a rare case of the giggles for me ;p We placed our sushi orders,along with more drinks & began to relax & gossip (can't tell on what that was!). Once the food arrived in droves,it was one big pigout fest. Another friend of ours,Maritza,showed up & we tied a few more on. Afterwards we headed toward the venue. Well we get there & the line is ridiculous! I'm sorry,i don't do lines! I'm thinking,forget this,let's go hang out at Kung Pao Kitty. But my friends were insistent since we trekked out there. Maritza struck up a conversation with a random girl who told her that she had an extra ticket if she wanted it. LUCKY DOG! that left us in the cold. But not for long because Mishi ran into a former coworker (Mike) & he said he had a total of 3 tickets, if we wanted them. I asked him how he was going to get in,but he wasn't bothered,he had seen them a bunch of times in concert. SWEEET! Mike walked us up to the ticket holders line,but because security wasn't paying attention,he was able to get in on the sly with us...HA! The area were were in was a huge parking lot at Hollywood/Cole & there was a sea of people...i'd say a good 6,000 or so? The concert itself was "meh!",I could've done well without hearing their new material (wrong!). But they really rocked the old stuff ("personal Jesus" for one).I for one was pretty much over it by then,so we left & walked to Kung Pao Kitty for appetizers & drinks. From the kitty it was the Burgundy Room to dance & check out Jeremy Miller's set.


Midori's is my pick for a quick,cheap Japanese meal. I usually go there because i have a hankering for spicy tuna salad. Today it was for miso soup,spicy tuna roll & salmon roll. Good way to end my work day.


I like swinging by Lee's to get a quick bite to eat at work. I've been frequenting this joint for 10 or more years. It's like the "Cheers" version of a sandwich shop :) This particular morning I had a mediterranean omelette that i garnished with peppers & pickled beets ...yummy! The pic of the koi fish was from an apartment building i visited later that day. I've never seen koi that huge before...made me hungry for sushi (lol)!


I love their food! Simple,tasty Mexican food :)
lately i've been on a serious taco binge & it's hard for me to say no to this place when i pass by it....ah,such is life!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We've been waaaaaay overdue for our sunday get togethers due to Alex's fortunate promotion (yay!). But no matter,it was just like old times :) As you can see, we got a new "member"...she's my new BFF (sorry Yvonne!).

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Discovered this place last year (1 W. California Bl,Pasadena) & every time i have a lil "extra" money i like to treat myself to their salads. This once consisted of mixed greens,salami & cheese,red onions,garbanzo beans,capers & bell pepper,lemon vinegarette dressing & grilled flat bread....theee best!


My friend Alex turned me on to Trader Joe's miso soup a few months ago. I usually keep a few packets in my work drawer for an instant breakfast. The soup mix contains scallions,mushrooms & little miso cubes, but i like to add large freezed dried shitakes & fried garlic...yummy!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! California weather rules :P I ran a few errands then met up with my "church" group (O.L.O.P.C.) for happy hour at Koji's. I went by Alex's crib to pick her up,but prior she told me that there was a special guest there. Lil Aidan! my favorite little person :) He's having a bday party on Sat,but unfortunately i can't go :( So,brought a present for him & he loved it! Afterwards Alex & i left and headed for Koji's. Koji's is located at Hollywood & Highland,a tourist trap area i try to avoid like the plague. But you can't beat the prices for Koji's happy hour! We arrived & Tim and Sean came after. Was good seeing the gang again,since we haven't had church in awhile (horrible sin! lol).