Sunday, March 21, 2010



Friday afternoon i was checking my friends' Facebook updates & i happen to come across
a mouthwatering pic of a seafood cocktail one of my buddies posted. I was transfixed! I needed to know where he got that meal from! He wrote
back that the pic was take at 7 Mares in Silverlake. I told Teddy, let's go!!! :D
By first glance upon arriving there, it's basically a taco stand. But it wasn't until we finished our meal & i looked next door & discovered that they also have a restaurant (my Facebook buddy said to eat there next time,much more on the menu).
Regardless, i was happy with what they had on the menu......SEAFOOD!!! seafood tacos, seafood
tostados, seafood cerviche, oysters,etc....i could go on like Bubba Gump lol! Right off the bat i ordered the cerviche & 1/2 dozen oysters. Teddy on the other hand stuck to ordering carne asada tacos & a tostado. The food was good & hit the spot on that warm friday. I can definitely see myself coming back during the summer for something cold & light (calorie wise). Next time we will try the restaurant :)


One word,"AWESOME!"
This was my first time going to this
restaurant & it definitely won't be my last!
And get this,they have a "sandwich bar"
within the restaurant....niiiiice!
The sandwich was the
most delicious corned beef on rye i've
ever tasted! It came with a choice of sides (i opted for the pickles & coleslaw). And it wouldn't be a proper St. Patty's meal with out a cold Guinness ;-p Put it this way, this pic is
my screensaver on my computer. And i'm
still salivating at the thought of that meal lol.
Must go back reaaaaaaal sooooon!
P.S.(it got really "proper" after i downed that carbomb shot in the last pic lol!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I know it's been one helluva looooooooooooooooooong time since i've updated
this blog,and a lot of things have changed in my life....for the good :D
I met alot of cool,interesting people in my drinking & eating "travels" who really made last
year awesome. On top of that, i managed to lose a total of 25lbs by the time my birthday hit in September (yay!!)....unfortunately i gained back 10 of it as of this date (booo!!!). But no worries, it's just a matter of getting back on the bike, so to speak :) And i met a cool new guy,who i will refer to as "Teddy Bear". Part of the problem with the 10lbs i've gained back is that Teddy Bear is such a fantastic cook. It's hard to pass up his wonderful meals (which i'll include in my posts)! So i gotta go back to the frame of thought of "moderation & portion" control is the key. Anyhoos! the above pic is what i had for breakfast @ work today. "Simply Asia" garlic/sesame noodle bowl (from 99cent store), a few large shrimps i got on sale at Ralphs ($7.99lb), & chopped green onions. Yummy!