Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When i was a little girl, it was a huge treat for my family to go out & have Mexican food at Ernie's in Pasadena. As soon as my brother & i would come in,we'd run up to their fountain & stand there transfixed by the colored lights. Yeah,we rode the short bus lol! Unfortunately,Ernie's in Pasadena no longer exists (boo!),but the next best thing is their Eagle Rock location. Oh, and they still have the fountain...but i don't linger very long around it ;p
Yvonne & i had did some "damage" at the Goodwill in Eagle Rock & even though we had eaten breakfast at the Rustic...i was feeling a tad bit hungry from our thrift shopping. And lo & behold as we were about to hit the freeway was Ernie Jr's. I flipped a quick U-turn lol. I initially wanted a taco,but when Yvonne ordered albondigas soup,i decided to try their menudo. It was good :) lots of tripe & light on the hominy...perfect!


i haven't been to the Rustic since i started my diet,but best believe, i used togo here every Sat for the Bloody Mary Breakfast. You get scrambled eggs,hash browns or country potatoes,bacon or sausaaaaaages (that's an inside joke between myself & Yvonne lol),toast & a bloody mary. MMMMM,MMMM,GOOD! We were both hungover (loooong story!),but i begged Yvonne to go with me....of coarse it doesn't take much to twist her arm lol.


So after we killed time trying out the tacos at "The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada",we went to my all time favorite theater to see "The Hangover". To put it mildly,i think i've lived that movie more than a few times lol!! I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up :P But anyhoos,it was playing at the Vista & anytime i can see a movie there...i'm on it! My main reason for going,other than the beautiful art decco design....the leg room in the aisles are awesome!! i'm 5'8 & i can fully stretch out my legs without hitting the seat in front of me....i like that!!

I also included a link for the history of the theater,if you're so inclined :)


I've passed by this place many times & each time i tell myself,gotta check it out. It's a odd lil restaurant in that the sign boasts,"the best fish tacos in Ensenada".....but,hello? This is Los Feliz (lol)! So the sign alone made me curious about it :) Yvonne & I had been running errands that day (meaning,spending money we didn't have!) & we decided to go to matinee movie. We were in Los Feliz & saw that "The Hangover" was playing at the Vista Theater. I LOVE THAT THEATER! But i'll get into in a bit. Well we found that we had a hour to kill, so we decided to kill it by getting something to eat (hehehe!). Why not "The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada"? :P We walk in & i'm looking for a menu,but the only menu they have is a sign hanging from the ceiling. The sign simply stated, "Fish taco $1, Shrimp taco $2, Drink $1"...that was the menu lol. Ok...well,i guess i'm having a shrimp one & drink then! Yvonne ordered a fish taco. We watched as the cook put the lightly breaded morsels in hot oil...yummy! After cooking them she placed them on tortillas & handed them to us. We were told that directly behind us was a salsa bar with condiments. This wasn't your regular salsas either! I'm talking about salsas made with fresh mangos, pineapples & radishes. Also condiments of sour creme,lettuce & hot guacamole. I decided to try the mango salsa which was billed as "hot"(the hotter the better in my book!). Yvonne tried the pineapple salsa,took a few bites & had to drink aloooot of water lol! All & all,the tacos were quite tasty (love the lite breading) & cheap. Must come back to try the fish one next time :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


The weight loss crusades marches on :)! You're looking at a typical meal for me: 1 liter of Gerolsteiner mineral water, one cup of sliced strawberries, broccoli ("trees!") & baked talapia fillet...(sarcastically) mmmm,mmm good! HAHAHA! Actually it is good,no complaints ; ) I'm real big on seafood,so that makes it all the more enjoyable for me. The nice thing about this diet is that i don't feel like i'm censoring myself (other than when i did the month of no booze,diary or sugars),it's all about portion control & being aware of certain calories.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After i ate at the Downbeat Cafe, i hooked up with Yvonne & Mishi & went downtown for a bit. We stopped by Bar 107 & had a few drinks (PBR & jager for them, soda water for me...ha!). They were hungry,and obviously i had already eaten,but whatevs! My friends don't care,they'll try to talk me into anything they want to do :) I'll give it another go round (depending on what it was we were going to eat).They decided that they wanted to go to Philippe's...."ok where's that at?" i asked. They both looked at me like i was an alien. YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO PHILIPPE'S?? I must be the only Angeleno that hasn't,because their jaws dropped (lol). I've heard of the place & knew it was famous for something...that's about it. So, Philippe's it is!

There's a whole history to Philippe's sandwiches(check out the website,http://www.philippes.com/). Apparently he created the french dipped sandwich & L.A. hasn't been the same since. There are people that make pilgrimages to Philippes,so this place is no joke.I'm not much for having my sandwich dipped in anything, but in Rome you do what the Romans do. I ordered lamb,Mishi had turkey & Yvonne had beef with a side of chili & coleslaw. On the order counter was this huge jar full of purple orbs. Mishi told me that they were pickled eggs. Being the food wierdo that i am,i had to try it :p Philippe's reminds me of a O.G. cafeteria (in a good way!). There's sawdust on the floor & rows upon rows of long wooden tables. There first thing i was dying to try was the pickled egg. It was pretty "tangy" on the first bite,but i like it. My sandwich was also really good too. It was dipped just enough,but not so the bread was mush. Of coarse Yvonne & Mishi slathered their's in mayo....bleh!!! :( I gave up condiments on my sandwiches a looong time ago. I want to be able to taste the flavor of the meat!


The Down Beat Cafe is a new lil joint i discovered as i was leaving my drum lessons last week. Judging from the vibe i got there,i decided to give it a try. Luckily nothing on the menu seemed to deviate from my diet (lots of healthy salads & sandwiches),so i went for the turkey avocado with alfalfa sprouts sandwich,which came with a small side salad. Not too shabby! After i ate there i checked out a real cool,funky thrift shop next door (will get the name next time) & bought some boots...score! :P