Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I know it's been one helluva looooooooooooooooooong time since i've updated
this blog,and a lot of things have changed in my life....for the good :D
I met alot of cool,interesting people in my drinking & eating "travels" who really made last
year awesome. On top of that, i managed to lose a total of 25lbs by the time my birthday hit in September (yay!!)....unfortunately i gained back 10 of it as of this date (booo!!!). But no worries, it's just a matter of getting back on the bike, so to speak :) And i met a cool new guy,who i will refer to as "Teddy Bear". Part of the problem with the 10lbs i've gained back is that Teddy Bear is such a fantastic cook. It's hard to pass up his wonderful meals (which i'll include in my posts)! So i gotta go back to the frame of thought of "moderation & portion" control is the key. Anyhoos! the above pic is what i had for breakfast @ work today. "Simply Asia" garlic/sesame noodle bowl (from 99cent store), a few large shrimps i got on sale at Ralphs ($7.99lb), & chopped green onions. Yummy!

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