Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When i was a little girl, it was a huge treat for my family to go out & have Mexican food at Ernie's in Pasadena. As soon as my brother & i would come in,we'd run up to their fountain & stand there transfixed by the colored lights. Yeah,we rode the short bus lol! Unfortunately,Ernie's in Pasadena no longer exists (boo!),but the next best thing is their Eagle Rock location. Oh, and they still have the fountain...but i don't linger very long around it ;p
Yvonne & i had did some "damage" at the Goodwill in Eagle Rock & even though we had eaten breakfast at the Rustic...i was feeling a tad bit hungry from our thrift shopping. And lo & behold as we were about to hit the freeway was Ernie Jr's. I flipped a quick U-turn lol. I initially wanted a taco,but when Yvonne ordered albondigas soup,i decided to try their menudo. It was good :) lots of tripe & light on the hominy...perfect!


  1. Now I wish I was in California for all that good food.

  2. is that menudo soup or something else in the pic? whatever it is, looks good (so does Yvonne, by the way... :))...