Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've passed by this place many times & each time i tell myself,gotta check it out. It's a odd lil restaurant in that the sign boasts,"the best fish tacos in Ensenada".....but,hello? This is Los Feliz (lol)! So the sign alone made me curious about it :) Yvonne & I had been running errands that day (meaning,spending money we didn't have!) & we decided to go to matinee movie. We were in Los Feliz & saw that "The Hangover" was playing at the Vista Theater. I LOVE THAT THEATER! But i'll get into in a bit. Well we found that we had a hour to kill, so we decided to kill it by getting something to eat (hehehe!). Why not "The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada"? :P We walk in & i'm looking for a menu,but the only menu they have is a sign hanging from the ceiling. The sign simply stated, "Fish taco $1, Shrimp taco $2, Drink $1"...that was the menu lol. Ok...well,i guess i'm having a shrimp one & drink then! Yvonne ordered a fish taco. We watched as the cook put the lightly breaded morsels in hot oil...yummy! After cooking them she placed them on tortillas & handed them to us. We were told that directly behind us was a salsa bar with condiments. This wasn't your regular salsas either! I'm talking about salsas made with fresh mangos, pineapples & radishes. Also condiments of sour creme,lettuce & hot guacamole. I decided to try the mango salsa which was billed as "hot"(the hotter the better in my book!). Yvonne tried the pineapple salsa,took a few bites & had to drink aloooot of water lol! All & all,the tacos were quite tasty (love the lite breading) & cheap. Must come back to try the fish one next time :)

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