Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After i ate at the Downbeat Cafe, i hooked up with Yvonne & Mishi & went downtown for a bit. We stopped by Bar 107 & had a few drinks (PBR & jager for them, soda water for me...ha!). They were hungry,and obviously i had already eaten,but whatevs! My friends don't care,they'll try to talk me into anything they want to do :) I'll give it another go round (depending on what it was we were going to eat).They decided that they wanted to go to Philippe's...."ok where's that at?" i asked. They both looked at me like i was an alien. YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO PHILIPPE'S?? I must be the only Angeleno that hasn't,because their jaws dropped (lol). I've heard of the place & knew it was famous for something...that's about it. So, Philippe's it is!

There's a whole history to Philippe's sandwiches(check out the website, Apparently he created the french dipped sandwich & L.A. hasn't been the same since. There are people that make pilgrimages to Philippes,so this place is no joke.I'm not much for having my sandwich dipped in anything, but in Rome you do what the Romans do. I ordered lamb,Mishi had turkey & Yvonne had beef with a side of chili & coleslaw. On the order counter was this huge jar full of purple orbs. Mishi told me that they were pickled eggs. Being the food wierdo that i am,i had to try it :p Philippe's reminds me of a O.G. cafeteria (in a good way!). There's sawdust on the floor & rows upon rows of long wooden tables. There first thing i was dying to try was the pickled egg. It was pretty "tangy" on the first bite,but i like it. My sandwich was also really good too. It was dipped just enough,but not so the bread was mush. Of coarse Yvonne & Mishi slathered their's in mayo....bleh!!! :( I gave up condiments on my sandwiches a looong time ago. I want to be able to taste the flavor of the meat!

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