Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yvonne has been bugging me for months to come check out Art Walk,and i was alway like,"whatevs" to the whole idea of treking downtown. I always worried about parking,crazy transients & getting too inebriated to find my way back Hollywood. But i thought,what the hell? She had already roped me into getting a thai massage that day ($45 for 1hr massage...can't beat that!),so i guess i was in a pretty relaxed state of mind. I'm glad i went :) Art Walk is held in downtown L.A. in the gallery district,the first Thurs of each month. The galleries stay open late & host showings & there's booze to be had (hehehe!). The general atmosphere is reminded me of SoHo (or imagined it to be!),& artsy fartsy people were ruling the streets that nite. We first hit up a restaurant called,"Pete's" because she raved & raved about their bloody marys....she know's my weakness ;p. The drinks were great actually & they gave a nice presentation. We then ordered & i had calamari (which looked good,but wasn't) & she had some kinda italian meat do-dad (dude,i forgot to ask u what that was!). I was still hungry so i ordered a caesar salad & dirty martini. The salad had fried anchovies on it,which intially freaked me out...all & all it was good. Yvonne ordered a manhattan,so i had to pose our drinks next to each other (match made in heaven!). We then proceeded to go out & check out the sights outside. We saw an open air exibit that featured different artist & a reggae band. Further down the street we checked out a few more galleries, and i saw this neat store window for the "5cent Diner". It was odd that they had manequins in the window,but even odder was the fact they're hair was actually icing. Another one was wearing a pie crust hat (lol). Pretty cool! Yvonne then remembered that there was a hat shop she wanted me to see. As all my friends know,i'm a huge hat freak! i loooooove hats (lol)! She took me to Stella Dottir's shop (430 S. Main St,L.A.),and i instantly fell in love with the place. Her hats are not only beautiful creations,but works of art...and the prices were definitely reasonable. I found a light blue,velvet cloche hat with a rose & feathers on front. Bought it on the spot :) This put me in an even better mood,so she suggested we check out a bar called "The Association". You had to go down a stairwell from the street to enter & it definitely has the feel of a speakeasy. Extremely dark! We ordered two dirty martinis & waited for our other friend,Amanda to come with. Once she got there it was nothing but laughs for us. Yvonne told me to go check out the bathroom,that it was pretty swanky. I had to take a pic against a wall in the stall,i thought it looked pretty cool. Also the ceiling inside the bar was pretty amazing,hence the pic i included. Anyhoos,we went back out into the night air & by then it was preetty busy on the streets. Bohemians mixed with business people getting off from work. Time to hit another bar! We decided to go to Bar 107, and see what was going on there. Well,yeah we had a few more drinks there,and nothing says classy as a dirty martini in a tumbler & Pabst Blue Ribbon (lol).

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