Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Somedays at work when my stomach alarm clock goes off,i have no fricken idea what to eat! As
i mentioned before,i do eat lots of sushi,but even that get old. I must have driven around what seemed like hours,but was prolly only 30min trying to decide what did i feel like eating. The other problem is that street parking sucks around most of the city,so even if i want to eat at a spot...i gotta circle like a shark waiting for an opening! I've been circling around PITA! PITA! for months trying to get a spot out front. Well today was in the cards for me & i was sooo there :) The place is bright & the cooking staff very friendly. I noticed that they opened up a desert bar (second pic),which everything looked yummy (baklava is...the bomb in my book!). The other nice thing is that the kitchen is open & you can watch as they make you awesome lunch. This time i settled for a tried & true dish of chicken kabob,salad,hummus/pita & taboleah. They gave me soo much,i took it home to eat as a late nite snack tonite :)

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