Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I took Victoria out for her b-day & this was the place she wanted to have it at. I haven't been to Thai Patio in awhile,but my fondest recollection is after a nite of hanging with pals,I wanted to partake in some late nite thai cuisine. That's the cool thing about my part of town,tons & tons of thai restaurants that stay open really late (i'm talking,until 3am!). The last time i came here they had a guy dressed up like Elvis (well,thai Elvis!) singing karaoke Elvis songs...good time :)! This time was no different,except there wasn't an Elvis impersonator,but a young kid belting out 70's middle of the road tunes. He was good,but the songs kinda depressed me...lovey dovey stuff doesn't sit well with me right now (lol). Victoria & I ordered some Singha beer & i had a hot sake to chase it. Hot was more like volcanic! when i poured it in the shot cup,it burned the hell out of my hand...geez! Since i was still under the weather from having a bought with stomach flu (have no idea how i got it...and no,it's not the "dreaded" swine flu!),i opted for some seaweed/tofu soup (last pic). I told Victoria to order anything she wanted,but she played it safe & had a spicy Tom Khai (?) seafood soup. She couldn't handle the heat...ha!

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