Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I started a new diet yesterday that i will be on for 3wks,so my regular blog updates will be slightly different for the next few weeks. For one,i'm not going to be drinking alcohol (oh,the horror! lol). And secondly,my food is pretty much limited...seafood is cool & all,but i won't be going buckwild on tacos for awhile (lol). Trust me,it's all for the good :) In the meantime,i will be posting pics of things i've cooked, sights, and whatever tickles my fancy! ;p...YAY!!
This is a lil sumptin' sumptim' i made last year with some leftovers. It's my version of chinese chicken soup: ingredients: sugar snap peas (luv the crunch factor!), shitake mushrooms,sliced chicken breast,scallions, & carrots. I make different versions of this all the time,and it's a great cold buster :)

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