Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As of yesterday i've lost 14lbs! I'm cautiously optimistic :) I attribute this to following my friend Amanda's diet (, which has helped me eat healthier & be more conscious of what i'm putting into my body. I tried booze for the first time last week & my system hated it! I had a shot of my beloved Makers Mark & i literally gagged (lol)! First off, I prolly shouldn't have done a shot,more like on the rocks,but still! It's all about moderation from this point on...booze calories are a mofo! Anyhoos,the cool thing about this diet is that i can have all the fresh veggies i want (and i do love veggies!). Last nite i found some leftover shrimp in my freezer & threw together this salad. Total guilt free dinner! :)

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