Saturday, May 9, 2009


*HOT IN THE CITY!!!*...geez! Last Thurs was horrible in Hollywood. It was hot & humid,so what's a girl to do? Why head over to the Standard Hotel & chill on the roof top! At least that's how we roll ;p This was my first time doing this,but my partner in crime (Yvonne),has done this many times. I was apprehensive because i thought you had to be a hotel guest...not the case. Sweeeet! We took the subway downtown,then made the uphill trek to the hotel. I wish i had taken pics of the lobby because it's very modern & loungey,but the light on my camera phone isn't the greatest.The first pic is of us in the elevator,on our way to heaven. And as the doors opened up,voila! Immediately Yvonne stripped down & got in the pool. I hung out on the sidelines. Mindful of my diet,i kept it simple & ordered a grilled chicken salad (which we split) & seltzer water. Diet or no diet,it was toooo hot drink in this heat lol. Eventually some people vacated one of the little water bed pagodas,so we grabbed one. So awesome! I laid back on the bed & left my feet lazily drape out...I could seriously get used to this ;p I felt like sharing this expierence with another friend so i called Amanda H. I told her to get her buns down here..stat! Amanda eventually got there & it was peas & carrots after that. She ordered chicken/beef skewers & we all kicked it out the water bed. Here's a funny side note,a couple had ordered a lunch,but one of them didn't finish the other half of their sandwich,so they left it behind. Without missing a beat,Amanda grabbed the plate & brought it inside our pagoda. She split it with Yvonne & had a mini meal out of it...good times (lol)! We were there for about 4hrs,getting nice tans,good food & convo...but then the sun began to set (bah!). Time to get back to reality! Oh well,there's still summer around the corner & i can't think of a better way to spend a Thurs afternoon in the city ;p

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