Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Vegan House is my second foray into having vegan cuisine. And the idea of dining at vegan restaurants is starting to grow on me :) I met my friend Tim there (who initially introduced me to Truly Vegan earlier this year), around 1130am on friday.Tim's heart was set on having blueberry pancakes (he has a kookie habit of eating his pancakes from the inside out lol!),but unfortunately the batter wasn't prepared yet :( Since we were sitting out side & it was a bit chilly,we both settled on having a bowl of wonton soup. One word...yuuuuuuummmmy! It reminds me of my homemade chicken soup (minus the chicken). It came in a generous portion with lots of veggies & potatoe stuffed wontons. And the price? only $4.99...awesome! I will definitely come back & try some of the other cheap items on the menu :)

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