Saturday, May 9, 2009


As of today i've lost 8lbs! I already have more energy & as much as i joke about missing booze...with these results i can do without it for awhile. Don't fret (ha!), it doesn't mean i'm entirely giving it up,i'm just slowing my roll. Today I was running errands & passed by Truly Vegan.I remember a friend introduced me to this place for lunch awhile back. The food was good,cheap & they definitely give you nice size portions...i'm there,enough said! I ordered iced green tea with the "protein salad" which consists of salad greens,tomatoes,garbanzo beans,avocado,onions, & topped with vegan" bacon bits. Sooooo good! Afterwards I was full,but i felt great that i ate a meal that counted towards my health :)

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